Art in activism. Activism in art. This course has pushed us to think about concepts that we hadn’t even contemplated before. I enrolled for this course as it sounded interesting, and I wanted to see how art could find its place in activism. Being one who swore off reading newspapers as I claimed it to only have negative news that would inevitably muddle up my thought-process, this course was a bucket of cold water meant as my wake-up call. There would undoubtedly be negative aspects, but there is also a raging, fierce side willing to overthrow it at every step and this, this is awe-inspiring and worth appreciating and inculcating. This has been something that this course taught me. Never assume. Never conclude.

Art to me had always been something that was bound to the individual who created it. But this course opened up a whole new door to the aspect of it being symbolic of a larger agenda, one that undeniably has marks of the creator but also speaks the stories of many others. Also brought to light were the various art forms and practices, the magnitude of which I hadn’t been aware of before. The word ‘art’ resided in a clean, square box filled with canvases, paints, and pencils. But now, it has broken free into overlapping, infinite shapes and mediums waiting to  encompass every space and thought we conceive of!

The concept of dialogue was intriguing as I hadn’t heard of it before. The case studies (especially Theater for Living)  helped to gain a stronger understanding of this.  I was sure I wanted to use this in my final project. They say, If you don’t stand for something, you’ll end up falling for everything. But there is a strength in not standing for something, in not concluding and sealing the issue shut with your opinion. There can always be something beyond what the eye can see and the mind can perceive. This is what I wanted to incorporate.

The various feedback sessions were really helpful in directing me a set path than before, and the comparison between each of these sessions in itself showed the evidence of my learning. The last two weeks involved rigorous brainstorming and many futile attempts at properly implementing my concept. But each try helped me strike out the list of what not to do! I loved sifting through the truckloads of work we had and I hope to take these learnings forward in my other courses and projects. Thank You.


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