This project screams out the need for a new perspective when it comes to conservation of lakes–the causes, the effects, the prevailing solutions.

I have mainly addressed the public as it is responsible for contributing to a major part of this predicament. The people often jump at any chance to blame the authorities involved. Can I get them to take a step back and see that the responsibilities of both have to be undertaken concurrently, they often merge together with the ultimate goal being the same– saving the lake. This I’ve tried to show by the juxtaposing layers that eventually lead to a bigger picture which is of two hands protecting a single drop of water.

The project brings together the various stakeholders and how the actions of one causes a ripple in the lives of the rest. This I’ve posed to the participant by asking him to choose the next step (effect) in the chain. Also, as few of these events run simultaneously (like, the marine ecosystem suffering and the foam catching fire), the order is left to the participant, thereby bringing out various combinations, maybe even new ones, once I add more layers to this initial draft.

How can I take this forward?


  • I will start with buying the right object to reflect the whole piece on.
  • Add colour and more layers.
  • Do it on a larger scale, either a painting on the ground, or a dynamic medium, like a video.
  • Make it more interactive by constructing a game around it, either a board game, or one that involves role playing  or something along those lines.


  • Creating another series of layers around how we can bring about an unprecedented, sustainable solution to the already existing layers of a) the causes, effects(drop) and, b) the prevalent solutions(hands).




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