Sewage and effluent discharge
Foam on fire
Marine ecosystem disrupted
Birds leaving the lakes
Wetlands and planting of trees on the periphery
Better filteration and soil quality
Crop yield increasing by 50% after using silt
New Doc 10_1
Need to come together to save lakes

The above were my illustrations which I later distorted using the software. I then divided these into the drop(cause and effects) and the hands(solutions) and started the activity with the images constituting the drop(first four in the list above).


I placed the illustration of the sewage pipe as the base(white paper) on the left side and a blank white A4 paper on the right. I then ask them what they see, and then on their answering, ask them to look at the other images on the ohp sheets by keeping those over the blank paper placed on the right. After they check and discern what each of those ohp images are, they then are asked to place it on the paper with the sewage illustration, in the order they deem fit. As the pieces come together, a drop emerges. This is then kept aside and the second part of the activity starts, i.e the solutions(hands).

Again, I give them a base image to start with( the trees and wetland crops) and ask them to place the next layer, the layer after that, and so on. This forms the hands. Then they are asked to put both the sets together and see what emerges. The hands protecting the drop. The desperate call for joining forces to save what is essential to our survival.

While researching I came across how people throw wastes into the lakes even though they have working sewage lines! And also about the majority of apartments having no STPs, even though they are a must. All of this has to be exposed and made known to the general public. It no longer is a matter of we doing our part and the government doing its part. We need to combine forces and support the other. Plant saplings, meet with the BWSSB to understand the plans for STPs, run awareness campaigns, help the farmers increase their yield using the silt excavated during de-silting, create a DPR (Detailed Project Report) request for the BDA, get a map to identify encroachments ,etc.


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