The criteria focused mainly on :

  • Spreading awareness by conflict resolution and thereby drawing our attention to the need to work together.
  • Provoking a reaction by the use of an unconventional viewing medium , stressing on the need for a different perspective that doesn’t target one party.
  • Active public participation and accountability.

How far was it successful?

  • The research that backed this project brought out points that weren’t known to many (like, the farmers benefitting from the desilting process, the household oils causing the foam to catch fire, etc). Also, a part of it centers around the duplication of efforts, may it be between the public and the government, or among the various organisations within the government. This helped in putting up a clearer picture about the issue.
  • When it comes to provoking the viewer, my implementation wasn’t as strong as the process. This, even after countless attempts, was due to the technical aspects involved while creating anamorphic art, (the reflective surface and the software used). However, as I asked people for their feedback, they pointed out that the visual aspect could be worked on more to fulfill its purpose, but the whole act of moving the various layers and finally clumping them together, was thought-provoking.
  • The fact that I gave them a free rein after the initial bit, had them playing around with the layers to try different combinations. But in the end, no matter the order, the many  images overlap one another to form a larger, set image, that puts across a particular message . So, I’d say, it has attributes of both, open-ended dialogue and a persuasive, pre-determined message.




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