Experience of learning-Week 4

When it came to how the group discussion pushed my idea forward, the most important point was that of a common feedback. Almost everyone valued and questioned similar aspects of my concept. They valued the questions I came up with after brain-storming, and they questioned the aim and who I’d wish to address through this project. This helped in concentrating my efforts in the required direction.

Other aspects that were questioned and exposed were that of my concept purely having an anthropocenic portrayal of the truth about stakeholders, hence not inclusive of the flora and fauna, and the ecosystems surrounding the lakes. If I do choose a theme around the stakeholders for my final assignment, I would surely add these too.

Also, one of the points that resonated with the class was that of visualizing the timeline of the lake, the past, the present and the future one would like to aspire for. The other point being that of an open-ended argument (dialogue) , where no conclusion has to be drawn.

The resources and suggestions given to me were also helpful. There were suggestions about the form, the basic idea and also the sites and groups to look up, for significant information regarding my topic. Also, the 4 sketches I made gave an added clarity to what my end project could be targeting. In conclusion, I definitely believe that this session was really productive and helped me get a step closer to my final concept implementation.


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