4 sketches


This sketch revolves around the concept of visualizing a future for the lakes, both an ideal one as well as one which would be ‘doomed’, and the factors that would lead to each scenario. I plan on having people interact with a set of factors/resources provided by the public and the government, and have them play around with them according to a few set questions I throw their way–what are the important factors?  If you take them out, would it lead to an inevitable block in the various systems? how can you mould the remaining ones to salvage the situation? I plan on getting them to realise, through the process, that both sides need to collaborate to make a lasting change, and this can only be done by having an understanding of what each side has to offer to sustain the other.


This one also focuses on the idea of collaboration between the government and the public. I plan to pose a few simple questions at the start, and tally the opinions. As the picture shows, I then plan on making people choose what they perceive as distant, largely unrelated factors from the public and government sectors and make them form a situation where they both are correlated. This would go on to how many ever factors they can manage to relate, thereby conveying the message of all-inclusive, inter-connectivity. I then want to take a second opinion poll and see if the result changes.


This was a simple task of having people sketch what they think of an ideal lake and a doomed one, and have them compare the two and come up with the resources and factors themselves.


This sketch shows the various forms of anamorphic art there is, and therefore the ways of capturing their attention about the change in perspective required.


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