Illustration, image and object.

While brainstorming through the events of the protest, the main themes that came to mind were the following,

  • The fight against secrecy.
  • The need to abolish the concept of separatism when it comes to man and nature.All for one, one for all. If it affects earth, it’ll affect man. Few obvious examples seen with the Kudankulam protests would be the dire consequences of nuclear radiation and waste disposal.
  • Local consciousness is evident.
  • Teetering balance between two distinctive narratives/ value systems.
  • Chain reactions: 1) technical errors –> their concealment –> small scale local protests –> large scale organised protests –> executive action(police violence).       2) actions by people (state+public) –> environmental impacts –> people again.



This is based on the need to destroy this illusion of separatism between man and nature.

I’ve shown this by the obvious fusion of both forms. The conceptual symbolism of this illustration also includes how, if we attain this state of togetherness, we’d find ourselves breaking free of the multitude of delusional shackles that this society has bound us with and fly high, towards a better tomorrow.

proc5 gif

This GIF that I created speaks about the chain reactions that I mentioned earlier, mainly focused on the actions of the government and the consequent reactions of the public. This GIF quite literally depicts the inner workings of the government in the form of the second layers of the individual blobs, which triggers the larger blobs around it (public reactions/protests), which then eventually causes a more widespread, chaotic disruption if not looked into and solved in time.



The image I clicked also revolves around the theme of oneness between nature and man, between technology and…life.

However, when looked at closely, this image makes one ponder upon the relationship between the two. How affable are they? The butterfly sure is adding to the appeal of an otherwise somber picture, but as an individual entity, has it skittered off to find another flower, perhaps one more alive? Is this what we are doing to our blue ball of life–making it bare to the decaying, irrevocable damages of our actions? Would we find ourselves leaving behind something that used to once thrive in our presence but can now barely stay alive in the same?

I liked how this image carries in it the ability to interchange roles. In the first, straightforward context, man is represented by the switch and in the second, he embodies the butterfly. Would this then, in a twisted way, be an extrapolation of my first point of man and nature being one and the same?!



This simple combination of a chain and a lotion dispenser, is used to depict the trigger reactions. The dispenser has a spring, which is the best initial domino that sets the rest going. And to add to that, the spring is inside a translucent compartment which portrays the often witnessed, veiled activities of a corrupt few.  Why a chain to represent the public, you may ask? This is because the chain may be something compact and solid, but it is also flexible, or in some cases can be interpreted as gullible. This chain is wrapped around the tube which goes to show how the two metaphoric entities are closely bound.

As I press the dispenser, the spring sets forth a series of events which then, after a few tries, displaces the chain completely off the end of the tube. This again shows, how the brunt of the situation is taken on by the public.


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